Weight Loss Specialist

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Bita Pour-Jafari, MD

Family Medicine located in Houston, TX

Weight Loss


Have you struggled with losing weight? Have you tried diets, hormones and high intensity exercise? Just to feel you are only gaining weight and losing hope in the end?

For three months you will work with our team to personalize your weight loss, decrease body fat increase muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness. This will decrease medications needed for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.  Improve your sleep and confidence.

Your service includes:

  • Comprehensive physical exam with social and health history, review labs and uncover obstacles to weight loss by board certified integrative physician
  • Pre and post blood testing to evaluate and track success
  • Biweekly consults with integrative dietitian for personalized nutrition, meal planning and mindful practices.
  • Weekly Slim shot injections
  • body composition testing of fat and muscle
  • Cardiometabolic blood testing
  • EKG , heart health screening
  • FDA approved weight loss prescription

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